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Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Portfolio building.

I am starting to build my portfolio and am booking sessions for Fridays and Saturdays in April. For the month of April will I offer no session fees. To take advantage of this offer a model release will need to be signed before the session begins.

What is a model release?
A model release is a legally binding agreement stating that the copyright is the exclusive right to of the photographer. A model release will state that you have given permission to the photographer to photograph you (and/or your children) and to use the photographs in any marketing materials, including the use of photographs on the internet. Names will never be used for any type of marketing.

What days can I book?
Currently I am only booking sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. These are the days my husband has off and he will watch the kids, so I know I will be available to focus on our session. I will update the blog when days are no longer available.

Where do you take photographs?
I have a small studio setup at my home but can also do an on location shoot if you have somewhere in mind. The location must be within 20 miles of Hutto.

When can I see my proofs?
Proofs will be available for your viewing via the internet within 2 weeks of your session (usually sooner but I am a mom first and things may come up). I will email you when your photos are available for viewing. Proofs will be a low resolution, watermarked copy, please note your 5 photos will be crisp and clear. You will have 5 days to let me know which 5 images you would like.

How do I contact you?
You can email me at

What days are still available? (I will update these as dates become unavailable)
April 5th ~ Booked
April 11th ~ Booked
April 12th ~ Booked
April 18th ~Booked
April 19th ~Booked
April 25th ~Booked
April 26th ~Booked

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a cute bow!

This bow was made by my friend Adrina (you can find her at ) I just love it! I love the colors and the size and the jewels, it is just way too cute! Baby girl wore it out today for the first time and got so many compliments. Of course when the camera came out she didn't want to have anything to do with it so this is pretty much just to plug Adrinas cute bows;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First tooth, no make that teeth!

Finally at 10months and 1 day old, on Easter, baby girl got her first tooth!
Then this morning she woke up and had another tooh! 2 teeth in 24 hours. New teeth are not the easiest hings to photograph, especially on an irritable infant that just wants to get down and go. KWIM? But it's a milestone and her first tooth so a picture needed to be taken;)
Her 2 little toofers
And the aftermath of trying to get a first tooth pic

I take pictures of anything that intrests me and love sharing sneak peaks of my recent sessions, kids or just general images I have taken here. If you are intested in a session please contact me at

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